Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer

Being among the world’s deadliest diseases, breast cancer has continued to receive a significant amount of attention from all circles of the public. The general public health sectors in all parts of the world have placed a lot of emphasis on the need to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths. Breast cancer generally affects women of all ages provided they have developed breast tissue. Therefore, it cannot manifest in young girls whose breast tissues have barely developed. In general, older women are more likely to suffer from the condition, especially women aged beyond 70 years. The risk is even higher in women older than 80 years...

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Facts To Consider About Breast Cancer

Cancer is a condition caused by the development of a malignant tumour, which is a group of abnormal cells developing at a rapid rate faster than that of the normal cells. Such cells often spread to other parts of the body causing damage to tissues in other parts of the body. There are numerous types of cancer and breast cancer is among the most prevalent forms of cancer today. It is also the leading cause of death in women. New cases of the condition are recorded every day and many cases of deaths in women are recorded every day. Cancer can affect both men and women. This also applies to breast cancer. However, breast cancer is more prevalent in women than in men.

There are numerous types of breast cancer depending on a number of factors...

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Types Of Breast Cancer – How Invasive Breast Cancer Is Different From Non-Invasive

All of us have heard about women from different parts of the world who suffer from breast cancer. However, all these women don’t have exactly same condition and difference in development cause of the cancer accounts for this difference in their condition. Furthermore, these cancers also differ in their stages, intensity, as well as the specific area where the tumor has emerged. So, the thing that basically has to be understood here is that various types of breast cancer exist, and knowing about them is important and one should also know how they should be identified among the rest.

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There are two main categories under which all these cancers fall. These are the invasive ones and the non-invasive ones...

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What Can Be The Possible Treatment Of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest medical conditions that the world is faced with. In particular, it affects women who are advanced in age. Therefore, women aged 50 and more are at greater risk of suffering from the condition. Scientific research has been able to show that women aged 75 are actually at a higher risk of suffering from the condition during their life time compared to the younger women. Like every malignant type of cancer, breast cancer can spread to various parts of the body leading to the destruction of normal body tissues. Today, breast cancer is the leading cause of deaths in women and it is the most common cancer that affects women. But, can men get breast cancer or not? The simple answer to this question is a blatant yes. Men can also get the cancer...

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